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Handyman Projects

Our Most Common
*We do Property Maintenance all over San Juan County

Furniture assembly
TV Mounting
Appliance Installation
Patio Pavers Installation
Balcony Repair
Cabinet Installation
Retaining Walls
Deck Staining
Outdoor Patios
Small Bathroom Remodel

Flooring Installation

Roofing Repair

Gutter Repair

Home Remodeling

Door Repair

Outdoor Kitchens

Paver Driveway

Flagstone Patios

Pet Door Installation

Lawn Mowing and Trimming

Yard Work

Siding Removal

Driveway Installation


Trim and Molding Installation

Paver Sidewalks

Window Installation


Window Repair

Deck Sealing

Door Installation

Fan Installation

Fence and Gate Repairs

Garbage Removal

Bathroom Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Water Features

Hardscape Designs

Siding Repair

Stone Paving

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Flora Vista




Not what I expected. The crew showed up on time every day. They completed my project on time and left my home so clean you wouldn't know we'd had work done if you

hadn't seen my home before.

- G. Jeffrey. | Farmington NM

Very pleased with this experience. They were fast, clean and knowledgeable in all respects of my project. Will be calling again with future projects.


- A. Yazzie | Flora Vista NM


Property Maintenance for Farmington, Aztec & Bloomfield

Trying to find a local Handyman in San Juan County can be deceivingly simple. A quick search for ‘handyman near me’ will surely produce several responses from all types of handy people with varying levels of ability and skill. You might even be able to negotiate a cut-rate with an inexperienced handy worker. But if you are looking for a  licensed handyman who only deals in quality craftsmanship, the search can be a bit more strenuous.

Lucky for you, you have found Farmington’s most reliable handyman contractor. We are a team Quality Craftsman who focus soley on smaller residential home repairs and minor residential renovations. MyHANDYMAN is ready to take on your handyman needs.

Having a good handyman around ensures that the things you need done, get done right. We specialize in all the things you are dying to get done but don’t have the time, skills, or tools to complete. Over the last 20 years, our team has mastered the ins and outs of every type of handyman service including bathroom remodels, carpentry, landscaping, window installation, roof repairs and even minor electrical or plumbing details. No job is outside of our wheelhouse.

MyHANDYMAN is happy to address the simpler repairs and maintenance. From changing light bulbs, to mowing lawns, you can trust us to take pride in doing even the smallest of tasks. So, if your Honey-Do list has grown to an unmanageable length, give MyHANDYMAN a call for an estimate. We are open for business.

Handyman Carpenter

What sets our Crew apart from other Handyman contemporaries in Farmington, NM is our thorough understanding of carpentry. We have seen and done it all in over the 20 years that we have spent in the construction industry and carry this knowledge over to every aspect of our services. Everything from molding installation and repairs to custom cabinets and mantels, we've seen and done it all.

Doing custom cabinet installations, trim and molding installation and window replacement takes a keen eye towards perfection. When carpentry is done in a hap-hazard manner not only do the results show, but safety issues can arise. Deck repairs in particularly need to be done correctly to be safe. Do not roll the dice when it comes to your family’s safety, instead hire a handyman you can rely on, hire MyHANDYMAN in Farmington.

Fence repairs, Bathroom Renovations, drywall repairs, and flooring repairs are no problem for the MyHANDYMAN and he often finishes these projects in record time getting your home back in order quickly and efficiently. Choosing the right materials and making the right repair decisions is a breeze when you work with MyHANDYMAN and his crew.  Their dedication to craftmanship shows through the carpentry work which ee enjoys demonstrating to home owners and commercial landlords alike.

When designed and installed correctly, custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets can transform any space. Further, custom mantels, vanities, and bookshelves can really crank up a home’s personality. 



The true value of any handyman is his or her ability to take on any task that may need accomplishing. From appliance installation and office moving, to yard work and everything in between, a good handyman can do it all. Ladder work is a frequent request for MyHANDYMAN guys and they have no problem getting elevated to do light bulb replacements, ceiling fan installations, or cleaning out rain gutters. We even hang Christmas Lights!

When you need Handyman Help, a good handyman is worth his weight in gold. But worry not, you can get the helping hand you need at a reasonable rate when you call MyHANDYMAN. If there is a task that is too daunting for you to get into or you have accumulated many minor projects or repairs, call the Farmington handyman that ROCKS!


We at MyHANDYMAN know that your list of odd jobs rightfully takes a back seat to your work and family life. Let us help you create more time to spend on life’s priorities by crossing off some of the items on your Honey Do list.

Handyman Help can be especially useful for Older Adults who may be unable to perform repairs or maintenance as they once did.  MyHANDYMAN and his crew can make any home into an accessible place by installing support bars, hand railings and wheelchair ramps. Slight modifications and installations like these can make a home as livable as most care facilities. Knowing that a space is conducive to an older adult’s lifestyle will put you and your family’s minds at ease.  And what is better yet, such peace of mind is only a phone call away.


Handyman Repair

Even the most careful homeowners require household repairs from time to time. Fixing leaking faucets, leaking toilets, and old garbage disposals is a frequent part of this handyman’s job and he is happy to assist. Drywall Repairs and some painting can turn any dilapidated space into a livable, welcoming environment. Entertaining guests becomes a delight when your home is up to date on repairs and maintenance. Make the most of your home by hiring Farmington’s most thorough Handyman.

Decks and patios can be a great place to enjoy our comfortable summer weather in Farmington. Entertaining guests, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors are only a few things you can do with a well-maintained patio or deck. To make these spaces last, consider fixing or reinforcing such structures or simply re-staining the wood.


Whatever your handyman repair needs might require, we have got you covered. Got squeaky doors or cabinets? Countertops that are fading or chipping? Maybe you have a wobbly ceiling fan that is starting to make you nervous? No matter what part of your home that is showing its age, My Handyman crew is here to help. For minor electrical repairs that require rewiring or changing out electrical switchess, our crew can fix these problems fast.


Similarly, our crew can also tackle minor plumbing problems like leaking faucets or busted sinks. Leaky Faucets can put a drain on your wallet and waste over 2,000 gallons of water a month. Maintain the value of your home by keeping up with repairs using our Professional Handyman Services.


Yard Work

Having a well-manicured lawn has always been an American tradition and a requirement for those looking to enhance the beauty of every square inch of their property.


Whether you are in need of regular consistent law care or are planning a landscaping overhaul, MyHANDYMAN can help you achieve your vision. Lawn mowing, weeding, raking leaves and brush removal are a breeze for them. So if the summer heat has you confined to the climate controlled indoors, let MyHANDYMAN brave the weather when it comes to your lawn care.

Hiring a local youngster to mow your lawn is a great way to turn local youth into mini entrepreneurs. But quite frankly, the quality of such work is often lacking which can be painfully obvious to you and passerbies. Instead, hire a handyman that crosses his t’s and dots his i’s when it comes to landscaping. Brad and his crew will take care of your lawn as often as you require and can use your equipment or equipment that he furnishes.


If you have a pool in your backyard, we can also take care of your cement pond just in time for the hot summer months. MyHANDYMAN can also take care of any trash or junk removal that is causing homeowner headaches. De-cluttering your yard  makes a huge difference in your home’s appearance.


So, if your planter is looking puny or your lawn is far from lush, pick up the phone and call the MyHANDYMAN to have all your lawn care and landscaping needs taken care of by Farmington’s most trusted handyman.



A person’s home is often their biggest investment. Secure your investment by keeping up with any home maintenance that may be needed. Changing air filters, setting sprinkler timers, winterizing HVAC units, and starting up furnaces are important measures to take to ensure your home is operating at its peak efficiency. But spending precious free time during the weekend is not your only option when dealing with Home Maintenance.


Take back your Saturdays and enjoy the outdoor amenities Farmington has to offer by letting a professional handyman come to your home to do any necessary upkeep. For all you snowbirds out there, the MyHANDYMAN is happy to do any home upkeep that is needed while you are away. Home Maintenance and monitoring arrangements can also be made for those unwilling to let their home sit idle throughout the summer months. Leaving your home’s upkeep in the trustworthy hands of MyHANDYMAN will be the easiest decision you make this summer.

Maintaining the exterior of your house sparkle is a power wash away. MyHANDYMAN provides power washing services that will remove stubborn dirt and debris from your deck, patio, or external walls.

A good power washing can make a house look brand new. And while you may be tempted to pressure wash your own home, avoid the hassle of renting and returning a power washer and let a professional make your home shine.

Farmington Handyman Service to the Rescue!

Get your list out and give us call! We are hourly, so you can hire us to come out and fix all of those incomplete projects or barely started ones! We have the time, just get on our calendar! Is your Mate going away for a day or two? Traveling with the kids? Call us now and be the hero when they return! You're Mate will LOVE YOU...  Call us in for a couple of hours and we'll fix, build, tear down or haul away your misery! In fact we will do ANY job that does not require a license or permit! We show up on time - we arrive clean, (and sober) to deliver a satisfying experience at each opportunity. Keep our number - you'll be glad you did!

Handyman Services
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